The been app helps you keep track of countries and US states (iOS only) that you have been to. Select the countries you've been to and the app visualizes them on a map. The countries are also shown in a list along with a ratio for each continent and the world.

The map can be shared on social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using standard sharing functionality.

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If you would rather see your map on a spinning globe, the been app has you covered. You can even rotate the globe with your finger.

Tap the share button to record a 15 second video of the globe doing a full 360 degree rotation. As luck would have it, 15 seconds happens to be how long videos are allowed to be on Instagram.


In the iOS version of the app, there is also a map of the United States where you can keep track of the states you have visited.

Tap the name of a country or a state to open the corresponding entry on Wikipedia. Tap the name of a continent to see a map of that particular continent.

On iOS, the list is synced across devices using iCloud.

Pro tip: tap the % to see the number of countries you've visited instead of the ratio.